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teamTmedia is based off established online relationships bringing the best of both technical and business worlds together to work on your online presence. teamTmedia offers teamTmedia members a unique method of ensuring continued attention and focus in their online growth through member subscription plans. teamTmedia redefines your online presence as a service providing a clean method to "lease" your website as a small monthly cost providing a secure, future proofed, and realistic method to provide a clear professional online presence for your business.

drive your business online

Creating online success is a continually evolving process that requires strategy, data analysis, competitor analysis, review, strong content, rapid distribution and commitment. Our member service offer a time and cost effective route to drive new customers to your business whilst maintaining and developing your existing client-base.

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The teamTmedia approach to our member solutions focusses on scalability, reliability and a continually evolving online marketing strategy providing increasing revenue streams. This forms the basis of an evolving relationship with increasing exposure providing sustainable growth in your target markets to increase revenue streams.

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FREE!! online business report

Many factors affect a website's ability to perform in the competitive, always changing, arena of search engine results.

Now you can experience a FREE sample of the reporting that our teamTmedia members receive with our top tips and a personalised quote.

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  • exponential growth

    exponential mathematics provides the basis for modern social media and viral marketing success. In the Shahnameh the legendary story is told of a mathmetician creating the game of chess. The leader of the kingdom requests the mathmetician state a reward to which he humbly requests 1 grain of rice for the first square of the board to be doubled on each subsequent square of the board. Agreed the leader attempts to pay discovering the total, 18 quintillion grains, has destroyed his wealth and the mathmetician takes the kingdom. Pushing a strong message to 100 socially active clients will have the message in front of 300 people in one step, with a strong enough message this could reach 5 steps and 6,300 visitors.